Thursday, 22 December 2011

Have you a registered to vote?

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The big question: Are you a registered voter?

Did you know that the Pilihan Raya is looming around the corner? If you’re a first timer, just head on to Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia (SPR) website for more information!

Remember, Malaysia is OUR home and it is OUR responsibility to vote!

Are you unsure of your voting status? Do your part and check your status at the SPR website! 

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Steps to Health and Fitness

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10,000 steps to a healthier you!

Our fast-paced and hectic lifestyle requires us to not just be active everyday but also to watch what we consume daily especially the consumption of salt and sugar.

Do you know that just by walking 10,000 steps each day, you burn more than 300 calories? By choosing the stairs instead of an elevator or walking to a park further from your destination and making the time to go for a walk, it can help strengthen your muscles and bones.

Here are some tips:
- Find shoes that can double as dress/work shoes and walking shoes so you can always be ready to walk.
- Don’t email your co-worker down the hall, walk to them instead. Save the email and phone calls to talk to them for a closer contact

Think about it the next time you say hello to your colleagues and loved ones. Those few steps everyday can make you a fitter and healthier person! Also don't forget to reduce the carbs and only consume what your body needs to maintain a healthy living. Happy holidays!

Walk 10,000 steps a day to be healthy and to promote good mental health!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Most Affordable iPhone 4s Plan

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Gila Internet Sale! Get the amazing iPhone4s today

Are you constantly updating your Facebook, tweeting about what you ate, where you went and your whole day on Twitter? Then this DiGi Gila Internet Sale is for you!

Get the most affordable iPhone4s plan with DiGi today. Sign up from as low as RM88 per month with the iDiGi88 to get your hands on the latest iPhone 4s.

Save up to 80% on everything Internet!Plus, there are more FREE Internet goodies waiting for you such as FREE Facebook, Twitter SMS and music downloads. Just reload RM15 with DiGi Super Reload. Find out more gila offers at! Gila kan?

Get the most affordable iPhone 4s plan today or find out more! 

Meet the brain of KIA Design, Peter Schreyer

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Have you met...Peter Schreyer

When you’re on the road and admiring that beautiful, sleek and stylish car, ever wondered who could have created such a classy design? The next time you spot the new Optima K5, be impressed with its new advanced technology and sleek, polished design.

Meet the man behind it all, Peter Schreyer, KIA Chief Design Officer, who created the sporty and innovative designs for the auto industry around the world. With outstanding credentials, Peter Schreyer has won many national and international awards, including the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Be inspired by his car designs and if you ever wanted to be a reputable car designer like him, check out Peter Schreyer’s biography here:

Impress the world with the brand new Optima K5. 

Be impressed with Peter Schreyer’s designs. Get the KiaOptima today! 

Create, design and customize your website

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MAD Deal of the day: RM99 instead of RM288 for Website D.I.Y. with more than 4000 designs available at [66% OFF]

In today’s advanced tech-world, we are all highly dependent on the internet. We run our businesses and even our personal lives on the World Wide Web.

However creating your own website can be quite a hassle, especially if you’re not an IT Genius. is here to help you create and customize your website with just a few simple steps. provides easy D.I.Y web templates and you can pick from more than 4000 designs.

Forget dealing with unfamiliar technical I.T terms as they will also host and support your website for you. Now creating and managing your very own website is so simple!

Create and customize your website easily with Nexuserver 

Rotating Pu Leather iPad 2 Case + LCD Crystal Clear Screen Protector + Stylus Pen

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Work your iPad 2 in style!

MAD Deal of the day: RM89 instead of RM333.90 for 360° Rotating Pu Leather iPad 2 Case + LCD Crystal Clear Screen Protector + Stylus Pen from All 2 Buys Enterprise [73% OFF]

Impress your friends and co-workers with funky iPad 2 covers today! Keep your iPad 2 clean and organized with the various new designs from All 2 Buys Enterprise.

The rotating PU leather iPad2 Case comes in bright colours and in plain weave or checkered series. So you can pick and match your iPad 2 however you like! You will also receive LCD Crystal Clear Screen Protector and a Stylus Pen to get your work done in a breeze.


New Kia Optima K5 Launch

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All I want for Christmas is....

Since New Year is just around the corner, have you made your New Year resolution yet? If you are thinking of buying a car to kick start your 2012, you are in luck because the new Kia Optima K5 is launching on the 27th December 2011.

With the new facelift, this brand new, stylish and technology infused Optima K5 is the ideal car to impress your family and friends. Amaze them with the beautiful sleek design and be a proud owner of the latest innovative automobile.

Optima K5 will be launched at its first Kia Red Cube in Petaling Jaya. The outlet will also be Naza Kia Malaysia showroom.

Test drive the Optima K5 today!